Dec 17, 2020 5:39:31 PM Lectura 7 min

Bewe, more than just software

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Deciding to choose between different software options to manage your business goes far beyond the price or features offered.  Whether if it has all the tools you are looking for, customer service levels aren't not the best, how would you choose one over the other?

Bewe wants you to get to know our company's customer service beliefs, to help you go for the best software option in the market. For that reason and working together with our Company Director, we have prepared this blog in which you can approach and undoubtedly feel identified with what we will mention.

We know that when customers are technologically capable they are searching for a product that works efficiently and meets their needs. But when it comes to a customer who for the first time will be using software that can help them manage their business, just how much support they feel while learning to use it will be a decisive point in their decision. But, why is this so?

Customer service often makes the difference because customers need to be taught how to be a successful businessperson. They also need to be aided in the implementation and accompanied in the transition in order to overcome the overwhelming feeling of getting lost with technology.

At Bewe we're certain that our commitment to service is based off of being able to treat our clients as if they were part of our community. If you are wondering why we've decided to pursue this path, it is actually quite simple. You always want to help a member of your community, understanding them, forgiving them, even repeat things when necessary and above all, you expect them to feel confident knowing that everything is going to be just fine.

That's the reason why at Bewe our clients are our family and a very important part of our community. It's also one of the main reasons why we remain accessible at any part of the customer's lifespan across Bewe. We are well prepared to deal with delicate situations and we also have the tools to confront a variety obstacles.

To achieve this we ask our customers to be consistent and make a small but dedicated effort to undergo the software training process. Your onboarding specialist will also guide you in taking all of the necessary steps for the implementation process to be a complete success. As a result, once our clients have overcome this initial stage, Bewe will be of great use to manage their businesses more efficiently and to have everything under control.

Not only do we care about the onboarding team communicating effectively with those who become part of our family and community; We also care about the level of quality of our work. Every 6 months our Company Director takes the time to personally send each and every one of our clients an email to update them on how we are doing, what goals we have and what we're doing to reach these goals. He states: " It is crucial to open a direct line of contact to me, offering my email and personal whatsapp to contact me in case they ever need to do so". This helps increase the effectiveness of our response back and it also motivates the customer care team to proactively work in resolving our customer's issues so they don't necessarily need to escalate to the Company Director.

Nowadays it is difficult to make a great impression in the eyes of your customers, especially if you have clients in over more than 30 Spanish and English speaking countries. Nonetheless we are proud to have a 93% average score regarding our level of service via chat and less than a minute and a half in average response time. And even then, that's not the most important indicator. We believe that the most important detail is that we are continuously aiming to improve these indicators every month.

We feel that we communicate with so many of our clients that we sometimes believe that we could travel through dozens of countries around the world, and we will always be able to find a friend that works with us at Bewe.

For us it is an honor to serve our clients and our duty to help them in any way we can. It's what motivates us to get up every single morning and the main reason why we will always stick by our clients inconditionally.

This is our philosophy at Bewe. We continue to keep giving nothing less than our very best and consistently improve over time.